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Video: Renovarse O Morir

Three birds with one stone.
The year was nearly half over and I still hadn’t done the cover art for my 2014 sketchbook/blackbook. So, I figured I could (1) paint the cover (2) make the image a limited edition print for sale (3) build a cool little mini-movie about the process. Renovarse O Morir (Change [oneself] Or Die) is a mantra worth remembering.

Prints available soon.
Other videos:

Music by fellow Sonoran Desert dwellers, Gabriel Sullivan & Taraf de Tucson. The whole album kicks ass, and is available on iTunes.
© Copyright – Gabriel Sullivan / Fell City Records

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Sonic Artifact

It’s amazing just how much junk you acquire when you live in the same house for nearly ten years. This little sonic artifact, however, is a gem and a joy to find hidden in the recesses of accumulation.

Moving house and moving on… here’s to a great 2012.

P.S. I’m tired of trying to read the tiny type on most sites. So this year I’m boosting up to 20px and hoping to start an Easy-Reader Revolution.

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