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The Fifteens | 2 | Trata de Aprender

Try To Learn The Word Us/We
Video number 2 in the Fifteens series. Experimenting with custom frames around the video and music timing. The frame and all the tiles were built in Photoshop & Illustrator.

The track I used here is Bienvenida by Vox Urbana. The whole record is great and you can get it HERE. Also, the phrase I used was inspired by another song on the record called, Cuentame un de Vaqueros. | Book Trailers & Video Presentations

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Station Zero | Light Grey Art Lab | Poster Show

Station Zero | Light Grey Art Lab | ALMURIC Robert E. Howard

When Esau Cairn was sent across space to the demon-haunted planet of Almuric, he knew nothing of his destination. It was a world of strange and terrible beings, of savages and swordsmen, of winged monsters and incredible secrets…

The kids at Light Grey Art Lab mailed a bunch of classic sci-fi paperbacks from the past (1950’s – 1970’s) to artists and designers to have them re-imagined for the the future– WHICH IS NOW.

What a great idea for a gallery poster show, right? I got Almuric, Robert E. Howard’s interplanetary epic of sword and sorcery. (So yeah, no pressure there)

Anyway, LGAL really have their shit together and this is gonna be a super rad show– excited to get started! For more info on the Station Zero show—> CLICK IN THIS GENERAL AREA.

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