Posting Daily Art for a Year

11 Things I learned in the first 100 days

Oh great, another artist rips a first-world fart in the wind and wants to blab about it on a blog…

Doing a daily drawing is a small thing, pretty dumb really, but it’s a lesson in dedication and discipline that can be put to use in other areas of your life.

1. Tumblr doesn’t give a shit about anything I make.



2. If you get re-grammed, retweeted or some other kind of signal boost from somebody who has a decent following, it’s awesome.

Well no shit, but for example: because some dude I didn’t know called @DoomCycle re-posted a couple of my motorcycle drawings to his 7k+ followers on Instagram, fifty or sixty new people started following what I’m doing. Pretty sweet.

So as a thank you to him, I posted a personalized drawing as one of my dailies without him knowing. He was psyched and reposted it– win/win.



3. People like motorcycles and leather jackets– makes sense.



4. Some of the easiest ten-minute drawings people love, and sometimes stuff that takes me 2 hours is met with tumbleweeds and aggressive yawning– makes no sense.

5. Doing quick, daily work gives you an opportunity to experiment with styles and content. But don’t do it too much, people HATE that. “Hey man, I came here to see motorcycles, hotrods and skulls– not some artsy-fartsy bullshit interpretation of feelings!” CLICK. UNFOLLOW.



6. Music gives you good ideas for image-making. I made this while listening to “The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine” by Spoon.



7. Man, I’m pretty sick of this square shit. Formatting images into the confines of the Instagram Square gets pretty zzzzzzzzzzz….. or maybe it’s a challenge?

8. I gotta take a tech timeout once in a while. Likes, Follows, and Subscribers ain’t the end-all be-all. (Neither is the Oxford Comma for that matter.)

9. Consistency is key. One tiny step every day. This is some long haul shit.

10. Making an image every day is a slap-in-the-face daily reminder that your life is whizzing past. Super. Fast. I’ve never been so aware of long scale time. Day 100 already?!!!

11. Not every drawing is gonna be a winner, but if you posted something– it’s a win.



Here are a couple guys I stole this do-it-every-day method from:

Musician Gabriel Sullivan created a new song every day for 365 days in a row! Man, that’s gotta be way harder than drawing. The project was called The Crucible. At the end of it, he had enough raw material to refine down and craft into an entire album– with plenty left for the next one I’m sure. His other work is available on iTunes— go get it. The Crucible Project

My buddy Kevin did a video series on YouTube for 100 days in a row about him following his passion: making comics. He wanted to spend at least 30 minutes a day, every day, for 100 days in a row working on what he really loves no matter what else was going on.

He finished up the first 100 and liked the project so much he’s now in the middle of his second round. What started out as just him doing a little of what he loves every day, has turned into a whole mini-army of people who saw his example and are doing the same thing. They call themselves Thee 100s. 100 Days of Making Comics



Here’s the part where I’m supposed to sum it all up with a nice after-school-special inspirational pat on the bottom– Nope. I still have 265 days to go, I could screw this up at any time.

But maybe you can apply this small-step-every-day method to one of your goals. Or, who gives a shit, play some more Xbox and have another beer ;-)

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