CREATIVITY SEASON (Painting Drawing Collage)

Making a mixed media image combining painting drawing and collage in my sketchbook. And this image is a celebration of the official CREATIVITY SEASON! “What in the world is Creativity Season?” I hear you asking… Well, it’s that time of the year when most of us feel super creative and excited to make art…. and yeah, that’s about it… but you know what I mean, it’s like, Halloween, and Dia de Muertos, and the rest of the holidays… Yeeeeaahhh… CREATIVTY!

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NOSFERATU Fan Art Painting

Nosferatu: A Vampire Love Story. Dark art drawing and painting of Count Orlok. A mash-up of the 1922 original starring Max Schreck and the 1979 Werner Herzog remake starring Klaus Kinski.

A symphony of horror art with story points from the original silent film. And then, as if that weren’t enough, the second half of the video is an Artist’s Commentary track about how the image was made! What?! Holy Phantom der Nacht!

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Art Motivation (9 Tips for Success)

Art motivation reminders to get you amped up and ready to tackle your next drawing, painting or comic page while I draw and paint a page in my sketchbook. Let’s go!

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Sketchbook Journal 7-16-21

Imagine you’re a suburban latch-key kid living in Tucson, Arizona in 1986. You’re a Sophomore in high school and your music menu consists of rock n’ roll, classic rock and metal– that’s it. And then your buddy, Bob Dog, gives you the debut cassette tape by a dude with big enough balls to call himself, Ladies Love Cool J. Imagine how your mind would be blown when you first cranked up Rock The Bells. Your myopic music tastes would be blown up with it.

Journal Entry 7-16-21

GHOST RANGER! (No Time To Draw)

I’ve got no time to draw! I’m too busy to draw! What?! No way! Well then, PAINT something instead today! That’s a lot of exclamation points!!! Plus, that last part rhymed! WOOOoooooHOOoooooooo…!

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Standing Up In The Canoe

Why do people constantly stand up in the canoe? Even in calm water with a steady bearing headed for a primo camping spot, they stand up.

Maybe the lake somewhere else is deeper or clearer or has more fish.

For Odin’s sake… there will be rapids and waterfalls soon enough– so sit down, have a beer and enjoy the smooth ride while it lasts.

Journal Entry 6-20-21

The New Declaration

Being such a loner introvert, it’s weird that I have a compulsion to publicly share stuff. Mostly stuff I make but also stuff I like. Yeah, I don’t get it either. So after a decade of stifling or rerouting this “sharing” urge to different channels, I’ve changed the landing page of my site back to a blog.

The sound of yawns is deafening.

With the world-changing rise of social media platforms, the desire to control your own space on the net has waned, even petered out, for most people– myself included. But for the last year or so I’ve been knocking around the idea of having my own space again, even if I’m the only fan. (Not to be confused with an Only Fans site.)

And as is often the case, once you pop your head up and look around a little, you find that there’s a mini-zeitgeist wave around your thoughts swelling larger every day. More and more people are peeling away from these monster social sites and doing their own thing.

I’ve kept a sketchbook journal since 1995 and have gone through periods of feverishly pouring everything onto the page, thinking I had so much to say, and then for weeks at a time writing nothing. The last four years have been the former– hardcore journaling– a pressing need to record, share, curate and remember.

Maybe it’s a mid-life crisis.

Three years ago, I created a separate website to share journal entries and drawings.  That site quickly turned into a redundant repository of my Youtube videos as I tried my hand at making a profitable channel. BOOOR-ING. So I’m taking what I learned from that experience and applying it to the rebuild/reboot of my new space here on the web.


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Sketchbook Journal 7-4-21